Is Food My new Booze?

I’m so busy thinking about food that I quite literally do not have the brain capacity to come up with a better post title. That’s where we’re at folks. They say (who are ‘they’ I wonder) that once you quit drinking or smoking that you can develop a real penchant (oui oui) for food, especially […]

Low Self-Esteem and Alcoholism

My skin crawls, I start to sweat & my entire body tenses up. That’s how I feel almost daily if I don’t have my go-to crutches or safety blankets so to speak. Im talking about my issue with insecurity, self-esteem and low self worth. Whatever you want to call it, I’ve come to realise just […]

Sober Dating

Ahhh dating. It can be a real emotional rollercoaster at the best of times – but let’s also throw sobriety in the mix for the hell of it. Oh and Covid, let’s not forget about him/ her? I’ve asked around my sober sisters (yes I cringed just as much as you writing that) to see […]


Am I an Alcoholic?

The term ‘alcoholic’ can seem a little scary, overwhelming and extreme in most peoples minds. It is also vastly misunderstood and can be really confusing. This however was a question I was faced with 40 days ago when I began this journey. What I knew of Alcoholics Anonymous prior to all this was much similar […]