Life Update 2022

Besides my most recent post I haven’t written anything for a while.. Without inspiration or creativity however, it would be a fine thing to poop out a blog post that had any sort of purpose or meaning behind it. Anyway, I’m already babbling. 2021. Fuck. Me. What. A. Year. I feel totally and utterly drained […]

9 Reflection Questions from Jay Shetty

I want to start the new year off right, so I’m going to reflect back on 2021 with the help of the On Purpose podcast by the power house that is, Jay Shetty. If you don’t know who Jay Shetty is I would recommend looking him up – his achievements go far beyond anything I […]

Leaving AA

I’ve been thinking long and hard the past few weeks wether AA is the right place for me. I think it’s a valuable and important support network for many, but for me it felt a little too outdated and often preachy and oppressive. Let me clarify that this is not me rebelling or being ‘bored […]

Promising Young Women Podcast

Podcast Launch!

We’ve launched a podcast – and by we I mean my good friend Rachel Swyer and I. We’ve aptly named in Promising Young Women as we are indeed women who held some promise, but are no longer as young as we once were. Therefore we must have at least a smidge of knowledge and experience […]

Panic Attack

I’m feeling a little ‘off’ this week and I think theres been a few contributing factors. I started back on a hormone based contraceptive which I haven’t dabbled with in years, as well as having moved to a new place and got 3 months into sobriety with a new sponsor. As a result I don’t […]

Am I a Hipster Now?

What an intense few weeks! I’ve been battling with the stress of it all a little more than I want to admit to myself I think. Between interview prep, flat hunting, moving, plumbing disasters, home life and podcasting the pressure has been weighty. It’s not too bad dealing with just one of those things, but […]

Lets Normalise Sobriety

You quit smoking You dump that toxic ex You give up meat on Mondays Heck, you even go as far as posting a makeup free selfie on your Insta – you crazy cat. People’s reactions to any of the above are pretty much guaranteed to be positive. They’ll tell you that you’re brave, strong and […]

Is Food My new Booze?

I’m so busy thinking about food that I quite literally do not have the brain capacity to come up with a better post title. That’s where we’re at folks. They say (who are ‘they’ I wonder) that once you quit drinking or smoking that you can develop a real penchant (oui oui) for food, especially […]

Low Self-Esteem and Alcoholism

My skin crawls, I start to sweat & my entire body tenses up. That’s how I feel almost daily if I don’t have my go-to crutches or safety blankets so to speak. Im talking about my issue with insecurity, self-esteem and low self worth. Whatever you want to call it, I’ve come to realise just […]

Sober Dating

Ahhh dating. It can be a real emotional rollercoaster at the best of times – but let’s also throw sobriety in the mix for the hell of it. Oh and Covid, let’s not forget about him/ her? I’ve asked around my sober sisters (yes I cringed just as much as you writing that) to see […]